Folk Music From The Red Herring Coffee House, Urbana, Illinois

Dan Fogelberg - "Looking For A Lady"

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"Yet music kept calling, this time in the form of a kindred soul, musician Peter Berkow, who ran a little folk music club called The Red Herring.
Berkow invited him to perform, and before long Fogelberg was a cherished part of the burgeoning coffee house scene.
'I started meeting like-minded people, musicians who were bright and well read, and I realized that I was finally free of the provincialism of high school'
He started playing his own songs, and the spirit of the scene shifted from politics to music:'The Red Herring went from being a hide-out
for pinko leftists who were plotting the overthrow of the government to a really creative musical scene.
And it started packing people in.'"

- Paul Zollo
From "Portrait - The Music of Dan Fogelberg from 1972-1997" (4 CD box set)

Photo courtesy Jean Fogelberg - Dan revisiting The Red Herring in April of 2003.