Norbert Putnam, Florence Warner, and Dan in the studio during the recording of Home Free.

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Dear Jean,
My name is Rosalie Hodgson and I live in Colorado Springs. This was meant to be a “thank you” to your husband back in 1982 but I could never find the right time or the right words under the circumstances. So, please forgive the intrusion but it is now time that I finally thanked him - through you.

In 1982 I was a student at Colorado State University. I, along with three friends, drove to Boulder on January 26, 1982 to attend a Dan Fogelberg concert (he was scheduled to play in November of the previous year but got sick). Another friend by the name of Diane, drove up from Colorado Springs to meet us. She was crazy about Dan’s music, as we all were, but she was truly a die hard fan. She wrote beautiful poetry and felt a connection to Dan's lyrics.

Diane had also been a student at CSU and we all lived on the same floor our freshman year, but she dropped out and moved back home as she hadn’t been happy. She knew all the lyrics to his songs and “The Leader of the Band” was a personal favorite as it reminded her of her father. We were all so excited for the show and especially to see Diane again. It was so wonderful to see her smile and come alive with his music. For nearly two hours (maybe more) we sang, laughed, and even shed a tear or two. One of Dan’s last songs was “Leader of the Band”. During the song, Diane leaned over to us and said, “I hope I never die before I tell all those people how much I love them - I love you guys!!!” to which we all replied, “ We love you too Di!”

As we walked back to the car after the concert, a drunk driver swerved into our group as we were crossing a side street. Our friend died that night at Boulder Community Hospital - she was just 19 years old. Our lives were forever changed. I wanted to write to Dan and tell him how so incredibly happy he made her that night and how happy we all were together listening to his amazing voice, which was a gift that he seemed always so gracious to share with the world. However, I wasn’t able to express all my emotions then and didn’t even know where I’d send the letter and then, he too died an untimely death.

So, please forgive my awkward email but I needed to bring this full circle. I have been writing this for almost 33 years and the time seemed right to send this. The rest of us have remained friends and always keep Diane in our hearts. Dan Fogelberg was a rare soul in this world - thank you Dan for making a difference.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

October 16, 2006

Dear Dan: Though you never knew, for many years before you recorded my song, YOU were my idol. Your sensitive lyrics and wildly, grand arrangements spoke to me in a way that always sent a thrill through me. The first time I heard "Leader of the Band", I was awash in tears. Having had a not so great relationship with my own Dad, it touched me in ways that I can't even really explain.

So, there really is no way that I can put into words the feelings that went through me when my good friend, Len Green called me and he said, quote: "John, you won't believe me when I tell you this but Dan Fogelberg has recorded your song and from the looks of the full page ad in Billboard, it looks like the push cut/single from the album.” I was floored, stunned. I told Len, "You must be kidding, he never records other peoples songs". Well, I have the chart on my wall from Billboard, week ending November 17th, 1990 and there sits my song at #1 on the Hot Adult Contemporary Chart.

To this day, hundreds of people have recorded "Rhythm of the Rain" but none have ever, and I mean NO ONE has ever done it better than you. I always felt my own recording of it, huge as it was, was weird as it's really a sad song about lost love and here we are doing it spritely and uptempo. Back to your music though. Seems in all the music you write, nature plays a great role. Also, your style, the chord changes you use; there is so much spirituality and power in what you do. Netherlands just blew me away, I even have Twin Sons of Different Mothers. It would take me way too long to make a list of my favorites. I've tried in vain to emulate what you do or even come close, but I've resigned myself at the ripe old age of 68, that I probably never will.

To finish: You have no idea what a thrill it was for me to chat with you for a few minutes back stage at the Greek. I was so in awe to be in your presence and was so nervous I never really got to say all that I wanted to, so hope this email makes up for it. I'm so saddened to hear of your plight and all I can say is "Keep up the Good Fight”. The world needs more of you and more of what you do. Get well and get back in the studio again.

From the deepest part of me, Thank you so much for YOUR wonderful music and thanks for doing such a great job with MINE.


John Claude Gummoe
Composer of "Rhythm of the Rain", lead singer with The Cascades

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Annual PCF Holiday Cards Honoring Dan Are Now Available

This year's design for the Prostate Cancer Foundation's holiday cards is a macro shot of snow, taken at Mountain Bird Ranch in Colorado. They are available on the PCF website.

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"Part of the Plan, a new musical featuring the music of late songwriter Dan Fogelberg, will receive a New York City staged reading under the direction of two-time Tony Award nominee Lynne Taylor-Corbett, according to an Equity casting notice." Read the rest of the article.

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The Colorado Music Hall of Fame has decided to wait for the tribute CD to be completed before inducting Dan. We have one very busy, but important, group that needs to finish their vocals before that can happen. All we can do is wait - we all, Sony included, feel they are worth waiting for. The CMHF will then find out when Joe Walsh will be able to attend. Right now, they are hoping for @March/April 2015. Inductees will include Dan, Joe Walsh and Barnstorm, and Caribou Ranch.

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You can get all the news and chat with other DanFans on our Facebook page.

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Dan's long-time friend and bass player, Jim Photoglo, has a new CD out - "Halls of My Heart". Full of great songs, I loved "Brothers Medley" from the moment it began playing - it starts out with a very cool doo wop feel then transitions to a gospel ballad, but then he sang:

“Standing at the edge of the water waving goodbye
As another brother sails to the place
where the sea meets the sky
It’s a terrible distance to the way things are
from the way they ought to be
Let us hold on to each other and our memories
As we sing:
So long, Levon, so long Michael
So long Daniel it’s part of the plan
May you make sweet music
In the promised land.”

...and that pretty much cemented it in my heart. Thanks, Jim.
Give it a listen:

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Dan at piano

From one of Dan's old contact sheets. Sometimes contact sheets with photographs of people will have a shot or two of Dan - the photographer relinquishing the camera. The results are mixed and always interesting, capturing a moment in time.

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In 2006, Service Department Manager Eric Ferguson handed Dan a letter his 10-year-old daughter, Grace, had written to Dan, asking about the lyrics to "Same Old Lang Syne".

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dan clan
Thanks to John Mabee and Alison Daley for this photo of 15 year old Dan performing with "The Clan" in 1966 at the Illinois State Fair Battle of the Bands in Springfield. Here they're performing a song after they won first place, you can see the other bands in the background packing up. A nice blast from the past!

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Performing Songwriter Article

"Today Dan would have turned 61 years old, and I thought a good way to celebrate would be to go back to that conversation I had with him 18 years ago and share a few of his thoughts on his early albums - including The Innocent Age which, unbelievably, turned 30 last year." Read the article...

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"Yet music kept calling, this time in the form of a kindred soul, musician Peter Berkow, who ran a little folk music club called The Red Herring. Berkow invited him to perform, and before long Fogelberg was a cherished part of the burgeoning coffee house scene. 'I started meeting like-minded people, musicians who were bright and well read, and I realized that I was finally free of the provincialism of high school' He started playing his own songs, and the spirit of the scene shifted from politics to music:'The Red Herring went from being a hide-out for pinko leftists who were plotting the overthrow of the government to a really creative musical scene. And it started packing people in.'"

Photo courtesy Jean Fogelberg - Dan revisiting The Red Herring in April of 2003.

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Rock Cellar Magazine
Is it in their DNA? Possibly a “creative genius” gene that science has yet to discover? Or is it an otherwordly gift – one that is physically untraceable? Perhaps it’s just an excellent work ethic. How best do we explain these iconic songwriter/musicians who seem to have enough talent left over to create masterful work in an entirely different medium? Apparently there is something tying the audio and visual arts together – a place in the universe where sight and sound inspirations collide.

In celebration of this mystery, Rock Cellar Magazine presents our second photo essay in a series:  8 MORE musicians who also happen to be darn good visual artists. Read the rest of the article...

backpage magazine

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Michael McDonald

Tribute Honoring the Music of Dan Fogelberg

A tribute CD featuring legendary and soon-to-be-legendary recording artists is underway to honor Dan. Each artist will record the Dan Fogelberg song of their choosing. Produced by Dan's long-time associates and friends Norbert Putnam, Irving Azoff, Chuck Morris, and Dan's wife Jean Fogelberg, the CD will be distributed and promoted by Sony Legacy Recordings. All profits will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation to develop new, more precise testing. No date of completion yet, there are many artist schedules to work around, but it's coming together!

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Dan Petition

Thanks to everyone who recommended, liked, posted, tweeted, emailed, and phoned. You helped us garner an additional 2,400 votes in just one day, to bring the total number of signatures to 24,252. Very impressive! We'll keep you informed about our progress as we navigate through the proper channels at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In the meantime, we'll leave the petition up for anyone who still wants to sign it. We will continue submitting our petition until Rolling Stone acknowledges Dan's talent and contribution to popular music.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


January 13, 2011
It was announced today that Dan has been inducted into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame 2010. Dan would love the company he's in: ABBA, Eric Clapton, Jackie DeShannon, The Diamonds, Bo Diddley, Anne Murray, Willie Nelson, Pink Floyd, The Rascals, Paul Revere & the Raiders, The Righteous Brothers, Dusty Springfield, James Taylor and Roger Williams. These 15 artists were selected from 53 nominees to join 124 inductees of past years. Thanks to everyone who voted for Dan and helped to make this possible!

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Dan at twilight


Over the last three years, some of you have written to share a personal story about a chance encounter with Dan. We read them with delight but didn't archive them. Now we'd like to start a page devoted to those stories. If you have a story you'd like to share with us please send it to: Stories will be posted on both and Sign as you want your name to appear - full name, initials, or anonymous.

"I took Dan to the Majestic Theater in Downtown San Antonio years ago, not having a clue who he was... (I was young and dumb!) I lived just north of downtown and thought, I will go to my apartment and watch TV. His road manager told me to be back at a certain time but was called a bit before I was expected to be back, I jumped up and spilled coffee on my suit, so I changed FAST! Pulled the limo up to the "Red Door" at the Majestic... traffic on the littlest street in S.A. was dead'r than heck! Went into the "Wings" and finally realized who Dan Fogelberg was! He was doing "Same Old Lang Syne" on the Grand Piano.....I nearly collapsed with reverence!

At the end of his show, I was leading him to the car and this a****** cop was gonna give me a ticket for "impeding (non-existant) traffic".... He asked for my driver's license, ooops.... changed suits, wallet was in the one on my floor at home! Dan said, can I drive.....cop said, you gotta license? Dan produced his license (from another state, as well as I recall) and hopped into the driver's seat of that limo and took us around the corner, stopped and said, "Collin, you can have your car back." Swear to GOD, the nicest guy I ever met! Followed him from that night on and cried like a baby when he passed away. I now own a bunch of nightclubs, and it is "By-God Mandatory" Dan Fogelberg's "Same Old Lang Syne" is played at precisely midnight in all my clubs! We did it again tonight and I just wanted someone to know the story behind it. I will sleep well tonight knowing Dan Fogelberg IS resting in peace. Thanks for taking time to read my dumb but true story."
~ Collin Reese Jones

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Lydia Hutchinson of "Performing Songwriter" wrote a beautiful and heartfelt tribute in memory of Dan.
Give it a listen:

Lydia and Dan

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Dan Fogelberg Memorial Dedication Weekend
August 27-28, 2010

Peoria, Illinois

Art & Society Magazine

The Family of Dan
What a magical weekend! It felt more like a family reunion than a memorial. On Friday night we took over the Hotel Pere Marquette’s Ballroom and celebrated Dan’s life and music and met new friends. Deb and I had originally come up with the idea of the Welcome Party because Hugh told us that there wasn’t time for all of the musicians who wanted to be in the tribute concert to play at it. So we thought, “Let’s have a little party the night before where those musicians can play, and it will give everyone coming from out-of-town another event to go to”. Dan and I always stayed at the Pere Marquette, so that seemed like a logical choice. When the catering manager asked how many people we thought we’d have, we said, “Oh, a hundred, maybe as many as two hundred....?”! Read the rest of the article.
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See photos from the events.





The April 2010 issue of Portland Monthly Magazine editorial on Dan's love of Maine:

pmm magazine



News Archives
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(For those of you who only just found out that we lost Dan in December of 2007). Go to the bottom of the page to start at the beginning.

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December 16, 2007

Sunday, December 16

Dear friends,

Dan left us this morning at 6:00am . He fought a brave battle with cancer and died peacefully at home in Maine with his wife Jean at his side. His strength, dignity, and grace in the face of the daunting challenges of this disease were an inspiration to all who knew him.

A message from Jean

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

August 13, 2005
A personal letter from D.F.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to all of the thousands of wonderful people who have sent us such incredibly moving and supportive e-mails via the Living Legacy web site. I am quite certain that the love and prayers that have been directed to us from all over the world have had a tangible and potent healing effect. It is truly overwhelming and humbling to realize how many lives my music has touched so deeply all these years. Each one of you who have taken the time and effort to reach out to Jean and I have helped immeasurably to uplift our spirits and keep us looking strongly forward during some very rough moments.

I currently have no plans to return to the concert stage or the recording studio in the foreseeable future, but who knows? At least for now, I prefer to keep my options open.

Again my deepest thanks and love to all,



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dan received over 10,000 good wishes, prayers, & stories from people telling him how his music had touched, enriched, and even saved their lives.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

August 15, 2004

" regrets to announce the cancellation of the Fall 2004 Solo Acoustic Tour. Dan has been recently diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and has entered treatment. He apologizes for any inconvenience the cancellation of the concerts may cause his fans. Dan is confident he will be able to fight this illness. Your prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts will be very much appreciated."

This page updated on
November 21, 2014



The Living Legacy
Visit DanFan Focus at "The Living Legacy"


Red Rocks
Performers Hall of Fame

Dan Fogelberg was voted into the Red Rocks Performers Hall of Fame as one of the ten initial inductees. Other inductees include Sting, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson, Lily Pons, The Grateful Dead, U-2, Santana, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

"It's a genuine honor to be recognized by both the fans and by Red Rocks Amphitheater as a Hall of Fame inductee. What makes this tribute special is that the fans take enormous pride and ownership in 'their' Red Rocks. To be part of this select group of initial inductees is to be part of the legend that personifies Red Rocks."

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Pete Huttlinger DVD

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

C.F. Martin's book Martin Guitar Masterpieces features the D-41DF Dan Fogelberg Signature Edition model Martin Guitar honoring Dan Fogelberg.

Others who have been honored with Martin custom-designed instruments include: Eric Clapton, Sting, Jimmy Buffett, Stephen Stills, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Don McLean, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Joan Baez, Dave Matthews, Hank Williams, Mark Knopfler, Arlo Guthrie and Woody Guthrie.

The Fogelberg Signature guitar features a mahogany neck, an ebony fingerboard, accents of abalone pearl and gold-plated tuning knobs. Dan Fogelberg's signature is inlaid between the 19th and 20th frets and his autograph appears on a card affixed inside the body. At Dan's request, a portion of the proceeds have been donated to the World Wildlife Fund, an international conservation organization. C.F. Martin's web page about their Signature Model Series.

Buy the book at



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