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Released June 1997 by Legacy/Epic Records. All songs were previously released on other albums except for "Don't Lose Heart" (© Sacred Circle Music -ASCAP) , "Hearts And Crafts" ( © EMI April Music/Hickory Grove Music - ASCAP) , "Mountains To The Sea" (© Sacred Circle Music -ASCAP) , "Democracy" (© Sacred Circle Music -ASCAP) and "Song For A Carpenter"( © EMI April Music/Hickory Grove Music - ASCAP). These compositions written by Dan Fogelberg.

Disc One: Hits

Part Of The Plan
The Power Of Gold
Heart Hotels
Hard To Say
Leader Of The Band
Same Old Lang Syne
Run For The Roses
Make Love Stay
Missing You
The Language Of Love
Believe In Me
Lonely In Love
Rhythm Of The Rain
Magic Every Moment
Don't Lose Heart

Disc Two: Ballads

To The Morning
Song From Half Mountain
Old Tennessee
Nether Lands
Scarecrow's Dream
Since You've Asked
Hearts And Crafts
Only The Heart May Know
Sweet Magnolia
Windows And Walls
Seeing You Again
Bones In The Sky
The Minstrel
Mountains To The Sea
A Love Like This

Disc Three: Rock & Roll

Tullamore Dew
As The Raven Flies
The River
Once Upon A Time
Tell Me To My Face
Wishing On The Moon
Empty Cages
The Innocent Age
What You're Doing
She Don't Look Back
Aurora Nova
The Wild Places
A Voice For Peace

Disc Four: Tales & Travels

The Last Nail
Dancing Shoes
Paris Nocturne
Beggar's Game
The Reach
Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)
Go Down Easy
Sutter's Mill
Song For A Carpenter
River Of Souls
Ever On

Don't Lose Heart (Recorded December 1996)
Dan Fogelberg - vocals
Carlos Vega - drums, percussion
Peter Asher - percussion
Jimmy Johnson - bass
Bob Mann - guitar
Jim Cox - keyboards
Valerie Carter, Kate Markowitz, Arnold McCuller - background vocals
Programming by Marc Mann
Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell
Production coordination - Ivy Skoff

Hearts And Crafts (B-side to the single "Same Old Lang Syne". Released December 1980)
Dan Fogelberg - all instruments and vocals
Produced by Dan Fogelberg with Marty Lewis
Recorded at Northstar, Boulder CO; Rudy Records, Hollywood CA; Wally Heider Studio, L.A.; Sunset Sound, L.A.; Record Plant, Sausalito CA; Caribou Ranch, Nederland CO

Mountains To The Sea (Recorded 1991)
Dan Fogelberg - guitar, piano, keyboards, cymbals, vocals
Produced by Dan Fogelberg
Recorded at Mountain Bird Studios, Colorado

Democracy (Recorded 1993)
Dan Fogelberg - electric and acoustic guitars, percussion, vocals
Russ Kunkel - drums
Mike Porcaro - bass
Mike Hanna - piano
Produced by Dan Fogelberg
Recorded at Mountain Bird Studios, Colorado; Sunset Sound, L.A.

Song For A Carpenter (Recorded 1983)
Dan Fogelberg - acoustic guitar, autoharp, vocals
Russ Kunkel - drums
Norbert Putnam - bass
The Chieftains - Paddy Moloney - Uilleann pipes, tin whistles; Martin Fay and Sean Keane - fiddles; Derek Bell - Celtic harp; Kevin Conneff - Bodhran