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Dan Fogelberg
Daniel Grayling Fogelberg August 13, 1951 ~ December 16, 2007

We miss you Dan

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1 Triple Platinum RIAA Certified Album
4 Double Platinum RIAA Certified Albums
3 Platinum RIAA Certified Albums
2 Gold RIAA Certified Albums

11 Billboard Top 100 Albums
3 Billboard Top 200 Albums
1 Billboard Top 50 Country Album

4 Billboard #1 Singles
17 Billboard Hot 100 Singles
13 Billboard Top 20 Adult Contemporary Singles
4 Billboard Top 50 Mainstream Rock Singles
3 Billboard Top 100 Country Singles

Hit Parade Hall of Fame Inductee 2010
One-man show at Carnegie Hall - 1979
Rock Music Awards New Male Vocalist 1974 - 1975

"There is no darkness in this place that we're bound
Love is the only thing that matters."
~ Dan Fogelberg, "Icarus Ascending"

"You provided the soundtrack to my life."

"Funny, I feel like I've known you for years. Your music has been that special connection and I thank you very much for that. Your lyrics and melodies have inspired me, comforted me in times of trial, and given me feelings of such joy and happiness."

"Dan, I finally hugged my father before he left; I finally found peace after lost love; I finally claimed a purple mountain for my soul -- all this because of your musical journey, always more than lyrics and melodies. I finally discovered gratitude and grace. Your music is timeless; your heart, boundless."

"Very few of us have the opportunity to change the world for the better, but you have certainly done that. That is a legacy of love and understanding that very few can rival."

"Dan, your music has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. It has healed me through the toughest times. At times, it has been the only thing that made any sense to me and reminded me that my heart was still able to feel things and to love. You have played my heart strings. Thank you!"

"Dan, you have been a guiding voice in my life. You are always there when I need you. You've helped me grow up! My children know every word to every song you've ever recorded because they were raised with you as an essential part of their lives. Mom put you in the tape deck and started singing!"

"You are like a boat in my harbor that is docked and waiting for me to sail on whenever I need you. You have been there with me in my best and darkest hours. And I have reached for you often--when only your voice would do to soothe me."

"When we got married in 1986, your 'Longer' was such a perfect choice for our wedding song. After 18 years, we still turn and kiss whenever we're together listening as the radio plays its first few guitar notes."

"I chose to play 'Run for the Roses' every day while pregnant to my yet-unborn daughter, using headphones, which I placed on my stomach. Two years ago, my daughter went off to college. When I left her dorm room on that fateful day, I left "The Innocent Age," under her pillow with a note explaining how meaningful that song had been to us, and telling her that her moment is now at hand. Of course I cried most of the way back home to Chicago. A new fan however, in a new generation, was born."

"Dan, your music has always been a warm and kindly place that I have gone to when I needed peace."

"Your beautiful song 'Icarus Ascending' inspired me to go back to teaching and I often think of the lines: 'You have been given the most sacred of gifts; you must be fearless now and follow' for much needed inspiration."

"I teach Autistic children in Florida, and I sing your songs in the classroom. Your music, at times, seems to be able to reach through that strange jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing that is the Autistic mind. Not only have you gotten people through bad times, and made good times more joyous, but you have reached people that very few can reach."

"Dan, I do not think I could have made it through much of the challenges of my life without the inspiration of your music! Through it I was able to find comfort and shelter."

"You have been important in so many lives; a part of weddings, births, and many celebrations and remembrances. My daughter, at 2, would get in the van and say 'Mommy, play Fo-Bird moosic'. I finally got to take her to hear you in Dallas. She was 13 and when "Run For the Roses" started, the tears streamed down her face."

"Your words and soulful melodies have had a profound impact upon our family over the years. There has never been a time in the 22 years that your music hasn't been with us. In good times and bad you've given us strength and hope."

"The honesty and beauty of your music has had such a profound influence on my life experiences. I thank you so much for that. Only a Fogelberg fan can appreciate the connection we feel to you. Your music bonds all us."

"Your songs and messages inspire so many to love, do good, take care of our earth and others. It was you that inspired me to be so environmentally conscious."

"My sisters and I have been life-long fans of yours since we were young girls. Our love of your music sustained us through the trials and tribulations of our teenage years and provided a common bond through all our phases of life."

"You have been a tremendous positive influence in many lives with your words and your creative genius in composing the most masterful music of our time. Thank you for the diversity of your music. Most of all thank you for your messages of hope, faith, and love."
















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