Folk Music From The Red Herring Coffee House, Urbana, Illinois
Folk Music From The Red Herring

Dan Fogelberg - "Hickory Grove"

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"Hickory Grove was one of our earliest experiments with overdubs. I had a key to RoFran recording studios, and we would go in late at night and play till the sun came up. Dan knew exactly what he wanted to hear. He had all four parts in his head, and he couldn't wait to get it down on tape. We used a four track, half inch Ampex recording machine that was literally the machine that Les Paul first invented for mult-tracking. (*Same model the Beatles used on Sgt. Peppers)

Since we only had four tracks, Dan would literally do the lead guitar parts and vocal harmonies at the same time. You can hear four voices at the end.

You should have seen the smile of satisfaction on his face, when we finally mixed it all down, and he got to hear his composition the way he intended. This was very rare, at the time. Very few musicians knew how to negotiate the complexities of arranging and recording a song where you played all the the parts yourself. It was the blueprint for future recordings such as "Home Free" and "Captured Angel," that featured Dan on 90 to 100 percent of the parts for every song."

~ Peter Berkow

Note the misspelling: "Fogelburg" - Dan had to have known early on that this would be a life-long issue.