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Elliott & Dan Live at The Red Herring Coffee House 1972
Featuring Annie the Hat

"I had already moved from Champaign, IL to Paris, France to be in my new lovely, strange band, Mormos. I came back to the States around Christmas of 71-72 for a mid-Mormos break and went down to Champaign to see old friends. I believe Dan was already living in L.A. and had also come back to visit his folks for the holidays. My first stop in Champaign was, naturally, the Red Herring. Pete Berkow was there and informed me that Dan was in town as well. Dan had no idea that I was in the States, let alone there in Champaign, so Pete suggested we surprise him later that day in the main chapel where Dan would be warming up.
Pete told him that there was a musician he wanted Dan to meet, so would it be OK to bring him around to the warm-up room? I walked in, and you know Dan's bursting kind of laugh--I still hear it in my head all the time. It was a joyous reunion and we played and played and played until our fingers fell off and we laughed til we were hoarse."
~ Elliott Delman